NFC Digital Business Card

Smart, Elegant & Affordable

Business cards meet the digital age.

Forget Old Paper cards, get a smart mobile-based Digital Business Card, Mini Website, and Your Profile Page.

One Click To – Call, WhatsApp, Location, Social Media, YouTube, Share, and More! No App Needed!!

They are the modern way to share your company information as it works like a mini website and E catalogue.

These virtual and electronic business cards are more interactive, cost-effective, and sustainable than their physical counterparts.

One significant benefit of these cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere, and helps you grow your professional network and business.

NFC Cards / Standees

Gallery / Portfolio

Powered by Google Translate

Google & Social Media Review Card

Products & Services Section

One Click Action Buttons

Social Media Integration

Digital QR Code & Shareble Link

Cool Features of

NFC Digital Business Card cum Mini-Website

Products & Services Section

Through this, you can exhibit your full list of products or services that you offer to your valuable customers

Gallery / Portfolio

Easily list all your office, business, products, services or any other relatable images.

One Click Action Buttons

Easily Call, Whatsapp, Mail, Save Contact & navigate to your location in just 1 click

Share it Digitally via Link Or Scan

Quick and easy sharing of your card via Link or even by Scanning QR Code

Social Media Integration

Through social media channels, customers can view, follow and subscribe your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accounts

Your digital QR Code

You can use QR Code anywhere like on paper Visiting Card, On Product Packaging, Brochure etc. Anyone who scans the QR Code your card will open up on their phone

Powered by Google Translate

Language is no barrier as it can be easily translated to any language

Visitor count

You can see the unique visitor count on your business card

And there are

Even More Benefits

Simple steps to create your card from beautiful Template to choose

Unlimited Updating to
your card.

Premium alternative over printed Physical cards.

Customers can easily save your card to their mobile device.

Wanna See a Demo

Take a Sneak Peak at Some of our Cool Designs

Why should I choose

Digital a Business Card?

One Card- Multiple Use cases.

Everyone—from individuals to enterprises—uses it as their trusted digital business card platform.

Personal card link

Use it as a micro-site, your portfolio page, an ecommerce store or a feedback form; we got features to cover literally every kind of usage.

Mobility at its finest

Sharing your digital business card is so easy and intuitive that more. than 50% of our queries are from people who received a TWINO from someone.

Endless possibilities

Showcase your work by uploading rich content such as photos, videos and custom links

Biggest Benefit

Customers have your accurate information
saved on their phones.

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